How to Get Involved with Upward Sports

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Upward Sports pi

Upward Sports

Based in Frisco, Texas, Dr. Jay Schwartz treats patients as the owner of Collin County Pediatrics. Also an active member of his community, Dr. Jay Schwartz volunteers as a basketball coach with Upward Sports.

Since its inception more than two decades ago, Upward Sports has grown into the most prominent Christian-based youth sporting nonprofit in the world. Now serving around 500,000 youths across the United States, the organization supports the physical and spiritual growth of its players with the help of dedicated supporters. From lending your time during games to leading a sports team, here are a number of ways in which you can get involved with Upward Sports:

If you are looking to share your sporting knowledge with young players, you may support Upward Sports as a coach. You will not only facilitate the success of the organization’s individual teams, but also serve as a mentor to each player under your wing and foster their social development.

Starting a program
Support your local youths by starting an Upward Sports program in your area. Through the organization, your church can initiate a Recreation Division, a personal development-building program which is designed for children in elementary and middle school. Upward Sports also allows you to begin a Performance Division for older students. In this division, you will lead club teams dedicated to cultivating each youth’s athletic potential.

Playing an important role in Upward Sports’ programs, volunteers facilitate the success of games and other events. You can support the organization in a number of roles, such as food service worker and referee.


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