Caring for Newborns – Common Health Issues

August 4, 2016 Comments Off on Caring for Newborns – Common Health Issues

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Dr. Jay Schwartz

Dr. Jay Schwartz, a pediatrician, treats newborns and older children through his practice in Frisco, Texas. Before becoming a physician, Dr. Jay Schwartz earned his MD from Northwestern University.

When parents first take their infants home after delivery, the new responsibilities, including feedings and diaper changes, can be daunting. Along with those responsibilities, parents ought to stay vigilant concerning their infants’ health, especially considering that newborns have special vulnerabilities.

Some common conditions that appear in infants include abdominal distention, which means that the stomach swells out. This is normal if it occurs following a feeding and if the belly feels soft. However, if the belly feels hard, it can signal intestinal problems.

Mild jaundice, or the yellowing of the skin resulting from the buildup of bilirubin in the blood, frequently manifests in healthy infants because the liver has yet to begin operating at full capacity in filtering out bilirubin. As the liver reaches its potential, the jaundice will disappear. All infants with jaundice need to be examined by a doctor.

Finally, rashes caused by skin contact with urine and feces as it collects in diapers happens often in newborns. Parents can reduce the risk of such rashes by changing diapers more frequently and ensuring the diaper area is thoroughly dried. Applying a diaper cream may also help prevent rashes from occurring.


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