Immunizations – Infants

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Collin County Pediatrics

Dr. Jay Schwartz provides preventative care like vaccinations and other medical services to children through Collin County Pediatrics of Frisco, Texas. To train for his career as pediatrician, Dr. Jay Schwartz secured his MD at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

During the first 15 months of infants’ lives, doctors recommend that they receive a regimen of vaccinations that prevent serious illnesses. Immunization starts so early in a child’s life to ensure they are protected before they come into contact with disease.

The initial immunization schedule begins at birth, when newborns receive their first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine. Starting at about two months old, infants then get a series of vaccinations for conditions like the flu, diphtheria, and polio.

Vaccines may cause mild side effects such as fever and soreness at the site of the injection. These usually go away within 48 hours. Research demonstrates that vaccinations are quite safe and that there is no link between vaccinations and conditions like autism.

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