Breastfeeding – Benefits to Infants

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Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Jay Schwartz owns and operates Collin County Pediatrics in Frisco, Texas. Through his clinic, Dr. Jay Schwartz offers guidance to new mothers on important matters like breastfeeding.

Leading pediatric groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend the breastfeeding of infants. Experts make such a blanket recommendation on account of the myriad benefits the practice imparts to infants.

One type of benefit owes to the nutritional quality of breast milk, which contains the full range of nutrients required by a growing infant. Unlike infant formula, breast milk is also very easy to digest.

Besides its nutritional benefits, breast milk comes fortified with antibodies that help develop an infant’s immune system. According to research, breastfeeding appears to reduce the risk of asthma and allergies in infants.

The AAP suggests that infants be breastfed at least a year. Mothers can continue breastfeeding beyond that point for as long as they see fit.


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